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Our range
Our Range

Our commitment to halal values is a guiding principle throughout each of our product ranges. Whether you're looking to enjoy halal food that's cooked, fresh or frozen, the Haloodies product range caters to every need imaginable, leaving you with no doubt that you and your family can enjoy high-quality halal products.


The Haloodies cooked range features a wide variety of cooked halal meats that cater to all manner of tastes. Beautifully packaged for you, the range includes tasty chicken products as well as the convenient Haloodies2Go range, helping you to enjoy wholesome and hassle-free halal food.

Red Thai Split Stick
Haloodies Fresh Meat

Bringing together the very best in halal chicken, lamb and beef, the Haloodies fresh range is a prime example of our passion for delivering scrumptious food in accordance with halal values. With a varied range of fresh halal products to choose from, you're sure to find the meat you're looking for.


The Haloodies frozen range is perfect for those wanting to dig into halal food whenever the need arises. Our selection of frozen beef and chicken products offers both flavour and long-term storage, helping you and all the family to enjoy tasty halal products with convenience.

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Methods of Purchasing

Purchase Online, In Store or in Bulk

Purchase Online

Purchase Online

Haloodies products are available in online stores such as AmazonFresh and Ocado, enabling you to order high-quality halal meats easily from the comfort of your own home. Helping you enjoy halal meat at a time and place that suits you, we're here to make quality halal food accessible and convenient.

Purchase In Store

Purchase In Store

You can find a wide range of Haloodies products in a store near you. Our products are stocked in over 600 Sainsbury's, ASDA, Morrisons, Costco, Iceland and Tesco stores nationwide, as well as being available online from AmazonFresh and Ocado. Visit our store locator to find a store near you.

Purchase in Bulk

Purchase in Bulk

Catering to the needs of retailers and food service providers across the country, Haloodies products can be conveniently purchased in bulk and in a variety of packaging to suit you. We offer food service providers deliciously fresh, chilled and frozen halal meat products UK-wide, helping you cater to your customer's needs and meet demand for high-quality halal food.


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