It’s that time of year again when the temperature drops, the dark nights creep in and students leave home for nine months as they head off to university.

We totally get that for the fresh-faced batch of freshers undertaking this treacherous expedition for the first time, it can all seem a little daunting. The sight of what’s basically your entire life to this point being stuffed into a few cardboard boxes, and flung onto the backseat of a car, can understandably be a shock to the system.

Then there’s the whole prospect of forced interaction with total strangers (FYI sharing chicken is a great way to quickly win new friends), finding your bearings within a new campus (let alone a new city!), and generally figuring out how to ‘adult’, whatever that means. And we haven’t even mentioned the actual work.

With so much to focus on, one thing you certainly shouldn’t be stressing over is cooking. Such a hectic lifestyle can make it tricky to remember to, you know, eat; which the latest cutting-edge research indicates is actually a key factor in staying alive.

Luckily, Haloodies is here to offer you a helping hand. Armed with an extensive selection of succulent, ready to eat chicken, we’re bringing back the good times with 100% chicken breast that tastes like you never left home.

What’s more, we’re cooked and plated quicker than you can spell ‘dissertation’ without using spellcheck, or if you prefer you can tuck into us straight out of the packet and save time on all that ‘washing up’ stuff.

With each piece of our Halal chicken packed with protein, you’ll be getting the fuel you need to get you through the day, or through that ‘all nighter’ we all love to hate. At just half the price of a ‘night-out kebab’ for each pack, and each purchase providing several meals, this is certainly going to be an option for those looking to actually make their student loans last the full semester.

Speaking of relentless study, each time you find yourself barricaded in your room with a pile of books so high that there’s probably snow on the top of them, we’ll be there to ensure that you don’t go hungry. Yep, you can have your Haloodies brought to you by ordering our fresh range of meat and poultry through either Ocado or AmazonFresh, providing you with the chance to enjoy that ‘proper’ home-cooked taste. Winner winner (literal) chicken dinner.

In an eggshell, university is tough, but you’re tougher. You’ll need plenty of grit, plenty of determination and above all else, plenty of chicken, but remember, every chick has its day, and today is yours. Best of luck and have a great year!