It’s 11 o’clock.

You’re at your desk.  Your early bowl of cereal has given you the energy you needed to send several well-written emails.  Now you’re hungry again.  You need to eat something – anything – and it and it could easily be a handful of custard creams from the office kitchen, or a floury apple that’ll leave you hungry again in 10 minutes.

You have some wafer thin chicken squashed into the bursting office fridge, underneath someone’s Tupperware.  You could make it into a sandwich, but you need to pop to the express supermarket to buy bread, and it isn’t lunchtime yet.

What you’d like is something that gives you long-lasting energy, requires no effort, and is low in fat, sugar and salt, but doesn’t taste like a cardboard box.  You don’t fancy tiny boxes of seeds and raisins or wasabi-covered nuts.  What you need, but maybe don’t know you need, is a delicious halal meat snack.  Meat snacking is a hot topic.  Every busy and health-conscious soul, probably including Wonder Woman and Superman, are eating these effortless and efficient snacks, and their kids are taking them to school.  Protein is important in a working culture in which many of us sit down for most of the day, and here’s why.

Halal meat snacks are hard to come by.  Apart from not being halal, a lot of the meat snacks that enjoy popularity in the UK are cured with a lot of salt.  Drying and curing meat has been around for thousands of years.  It was ideal for the nomads, seafarers and explorers of barren landscapes and high seas.  The salt, vinegar and spices, like pepper, coriander and cloves, meant it could be safely preserved.  These kind of snacks work well in the modern world too, when we need protein and want to enjoy the taste of meat but find ourselves fridge-less: we’re atop a horse, climbing the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or the work fridge is too full…

Haloodies’ answer to halal meat snacks is not to preserve the chicken in lots of salt, but to chargrill it in spices (Hot’n’Spicy) or let it retain its natural flavours (Plain’n’Simple), and keep it in foil for you to eat when you fancy.  Their halal meat snacks aren’t dehydrated, they’re juicy, but low in fat.  And each chicken piece is only 45 calories.  It’s halal food to go that’s ideal to pop in your handbag, manbag or gymbag.  It’s better for a picnic than a Picnic, better for a boost than a Boost, it’s smarter than Smarties, makes you stronger than a Lion, and is something delicious to Chomp on… Sorry – you get the point.

After a week of eating halal meat snacks instead of the assortment of good and bad things I ate before, I have more energy, and feel a little leaner.  Not bad, eh?  Oh look, it’s 3 o’clock.  Time for a snack…