Halal Meat Snacking

Halal food to go is hard to come by.  Meat snacks have barely registered on the halal snacking spectrum in the past, with the classic, best-known UK products being non-halal.   With significant demand among Muslim consumers for halal meat snacks, we hope this’ll just be the beginning of a snacking craze in which everyone can join in, transform their lunchboxes, and tuck in to a healthier, more satisfying bite to eat.

Why Meat Snacking Works

Meat snacking products are familiar from supermarket shelves and TV ads.  We all remember the nightmarish animated Peparami, aimed at meat-snacking males.  So why has the trend had a recent and more diverse resurgence?

Meat snacks are no longer yoked to the image of the shimmering weight lifter, protein shake in hand.  With the constantly growing concern for our health, the function of meat-snacking for the internal as well as the external condition of our bodies has become more important.  And, because we are a food-loving nation, we want our snacks to be good for us, and we want them to be delicious too.

Lean meats are a flavour-filled, low-fat, low-calorie source of protein. They’re a rich source of iron, as well as vitamin B12 and choline, which aids with weight loss. Most importantly, meat helps keep you fuller for longer.  By substituting your mid-morning or afternoon snack for a portion of protein, you can control your appetite and even burn calories, as the body converts protein into energy faster than carbs.  As the trend for vegetarianism and raw foods rockets, we are reminded of the risks of removing protein-rich foods from our diets.  Protein has a superabundance of benefits including supporting the absorption of important nutrients and protecting bone and muscle, which can help us look leaner in the short-term, and, over time, help prevent diseases like osteoporosis.

Why Meat is Perfect for Office Snacking

We all know the pangs of hunger at midday when it’s too early for lunch, or late in the afternoon, a few hours after lunch.  We usually clutch for something sugary, salty or bready, which leaves us either suffering sugar lows, feeling heavy and bloated.  If we’re dieting, we sometimes make the mistake of eating snacks that don’t fill us up (we’ve all had an apple, full of good intentions, and then, still hungry, struck out for a Mars Bar).  Not only does protein make us feel full, it boosts our energy levels and has minimal effects on our blood sugar, avoiding those sugar-induced headaches. It also reduces brain fog – handy for a Monday morning!

Why we Love Haloodies’ Halal Food To Go

Haloodies’ new range of halal food to go focuses on juicy, 100% halal chicken snacks, chargrilled, made from our tasty breast meat, in two flavours: Plain'N'Simple and Hot'N'Spicy.  Each low-fat, low-carb, sugar-free piece of deliciousness is only 45Kcal.  Chicken works wonders for controlling blood pressure and managing weight.  It is almost alphabetical in its list of vitamins, and has an impressive array of minerals too.  Its B vitamins can help to prevent skin disorders, regulate digestion, improve the nervous system, as well as prevent migraines, heart disorders, grey hair and diabetes.  Not only are all of our marinades in our halal food to go range 100% halal-certified too, but our chicken comes from birds given space to roam and fed on a vegetarian diet. You can find out more about our dedication to animal welfare and the quality of our halal here.