Another Step Forward

Our partnership with one of the UK’s leading supermarket chains ensures that flavoursome halal burgers are never far away, helping us to meet growing consumer demand for high-quality, fully-traceable halal meat. As such, this most recent success builds further upon Haloodies’ reputation as the country’s most trusted provider of halal food.

Prior to launching at Iceland, the Haloodies frozen range had already been picked up by British supermarket chain Morrisons. As if that weren’t enough, Haloodies’ vast selection of fresh and cooked halal meat products can also be found on the shelves of supermarkets such as Tesco, ASDA and Sainsbury’s, as well as being stocked by numerous online platforms such as Ocado and Amazon.

Our Mission

The Haloodies story began in 2011 when the company’s founders set their sights on organising a halal food festival. Recognising the incredible demand for fresh and wholesome halal food, Haloodies rapidly expanded towards becoming one of the UK’s most established halal food brands.

Fast forward to today, and our goal of providing flavoursome and accessible halal meat products remains unchanged. Our passion for halal means we stop at nothing to provide halal foodies (who we like to affectionately refer to as ‘haloodies’) with the products they need to enjoy the halal lifestyle in all its aspects.

What it Means For You

We believe everybody should enjoy easy access to trusted and tasty halal food at a time and place that suits them. For this reason, our partnership with Iceland represents a huge leap forward in turning that goal into a reality.

To find Haloodies’ halal beef burgers at a store near you, or to find any of our other ranges in a store in your area, please visit our dedicated store locator.