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Chargrilled Caesar Salad

Chargrilled Caesar Salad

Chargrilled Caesar Salad. Salads shouldn’t be boring or difficult. Low-cal lunch for the office

At the risk of sounding like we’re flogging an old cliché, it’s true that salads don’t have to be boring. Equally, healthy doesn’t have to mean unappetising and creating amazing flavour doesn’t have to be difficult.

Don’t believe us? Why not rustle up this simple yet satisfying low-calorie lunch in the office and see for yourself?

The Shopping List

  • Haloodies Chargrilled Chicken Mini Fillets
  • Ciabatta loaf
  • Olive oil
  • Vegetarian hard cheese
  • Italian herbs
  • Romaine lettuce
  • Vegetarian garlic & herb dressing


To make your croutons, first cut the ciabatta loaf into bite-sized chunks. Toss these with olive oil and a blend of finely chopped Italian herbs and black pepper for maximum flavour and grill for roughly five minutes or until the croutons begin to crisp. Toss in a large bowl with Haloodies Chargrilled Chicken Mini Fillets and shredded romaine lettuce. Finish with a flavourful garlic & herb dressing and enjoy!