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Haloodies: committed to providing genuine halal meats and chicken

Haloodies: committed to providing genuine halal meats and chicken

Haloodies is passionate about providing our customers with not only fresh wholesome meat and chicken but also to provide them with a halal food brand that they can completely trust. We are constantly working to improve the quality of the halal range of products we offer. Our brand is not just a logo, but an active support of the halal philosophy.

We provide conveniently packed halal products that are available online to fit in with busy lifestyles. You can find the Haloodies store on Amazon Fresh, and our products are also sold on Ocado. Haloodies is a 100% Muslim owned company, and we strive to make it easy for our customers to access halal meat as part of the Islamic way of life in the modern world that we live in.

In the past Halal meat was not always available in every neighbourhood and often required dedicated journeys in its pursuit. Young Muslims in the UK face many demands on their time and although halal meat is more widely available it is not always known that the animals have been treated ethically. This is where Haloodies stands out: we are a brand that you can trust to ensure that the meat and chicken that reaches your plate has been prepared in accordance with Islamic laws and tayyib.

Although halal cuisine is now more widely catered for, cooking at home is increasingly popular among young people. In part, this is due to the healthy eating movement and the active interest taken in what we put into our bodies. Cooking at home is very convenient with our cut and prepared meat and easy to store packaging. Haloodies also has a range of pre-prepared halal chicken which makes preparing meals at home even easier.

As Muslims, we at Haloodies are not just running a business. We aim to help other Muslims and health conscious people to access the best quality chicken and meat. By making our products available online we are working to provide this service as widely as possible.

Do get in touch with us for any questions regarding our range of halal meats and chicken.