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Fresh Halal Beef

Butcher quality fresh halal beef delivered direct to your door!

Featuring a wide selection of high-quality halal beef products, the Haloodies halal beef range offers unrivalled versatility and flavour. With a sharp focus on providing high-quality beef according to the principles of halal and tayyib, our products are the benchmark for halal food. Our master butcher and his team make sure that all cuts are carefully prepared with incredible attention to detail and quality. 

Whether you're looking for delicious premium beef steaks, diced or minced beef, rest assured that Haloodies beef is entirely prepared in accordance with the expectations of halal foodies. Each of the products in our halal beef range is sourced from grass-fed cattle, meaning you can buy halal beef products with confidence. Our premium fillet and sirloin cuts are particularly flavoursome and will keep you coming back for more.