The Haloodies Story

The seed of Haloodies' creation was planted when founders Noman and Imran first began to consider organising a Halal Food Festival in 2011. The festival's mission was simple and straightforward; to bring halal foodies – affectionately referred to as "Haloodies" – together to enjoy the many delights of halal food.

Given the demand for fresh, clean and wholesome halal food, it wasn't long before their idea grew into a fully-fledged business. The Haloodies we know and love was born, and founders Noman and Imran soon came to focus all of their attention on establishing the most trusted halal food brand in the marketplace.

Delivering a wide range of products perfectly suited to the halal lifestyle, Haloodies has been growing at a rapid pace ever since. Today, the company offers several appetising products that are both tasty and convenient. As our selection continues to develop further, we're helping to pave the way towards making genuine halal food accessible to everyone.

Noman Khawaja - CEO and Co-Founder

Noman Khawaja

Salaam all. It's so important to meet the needs of our Haloodies and add value to their lives. After all, our main focus is making you, the customer, happy.

Having a strong team is what makes Haloodies function so well. From our core office team to those who work in the factories and drive the vehicles, each team member plays a vital role in making sure our consumers eat products they want again and again.

We continue to strive to make sure our Haloodies only get the best quality, healthy and most trustworthy halal products, so we can make their busy lives far more convenient. My role is to make sure this happens every day.