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Animal Welfare

In all we do at Haloodies we ensure all our products are prepared with the utmost respect for halal and tayyib principles

We ensure all our meat is wholesome, pure and fit for human consumption. Our suppliers must treat animals with respect at all times. We ensure a vegetarian diet with no GMO’s or anti-biotics (unless the animal requires them and they must be administered by a vet) and no overcrowding, throughout farm life and transportation. 

Keeping happier animals under less stress meaning we deliver excellent quality meat. Numerous studies have concluded that the meat of low-stress animals is of higher quality than that of factory-farmed animals whose systems are riven with stress hormones.

The same principles of fairness and respect extend to halal slaughtering methods. Animals are prevented from seeing each other’s deaths or, indeed, the knife about to be used in the process. They must be alive, healthy and uninjured at the time of slaughter and should only be slaughtered by a Muslim invoking the name of God in a spoken ‘tasmiyah’.

Equally, it is important that death is quick and painless, requiring a single swift and deep frontal incision from a sharp knife that severs the windpipe, the oesophagus and both the carotid artery and the jugular vein so all blood can be drained.

Haloodies is along with the majority that considers it non-negotiable that all animals destined for their products are reversibly stunned prior to slaughter so as to minimise their suffering in accordance with the Islamic belief that slaughter practices should be fair or tayyib.