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Wholesale, Retail and Foodservice

Enabling our business customers to offer more choice.

With Haloodies quality products you can offer your customers a wider choice and attract a more diverse market, by making your offering appeal to customers who follow Halal principles.
Our range of fresh and frozen products are designed to suit a wide range of caterers and establishments and we can always work with our customers to develop bespoke recipes and products.

Haloodies' commitment to making authentic and flavoursome halal products accessible to everyone has seen us partner with a string of food service providers and wholesale meat suppliers UK-wide. From restaurants to meat wholesalers and from caterers to schools and universities, we help organisations of all kinds meet growing demand for halal food.

Our efforts to improve the quality and convenience of halal products have helped food suppliers diversify and enhance their current offerings. Here are some of the exciting product ranges we provide for our business partners.


The Haloodies fresh range includes selections of halal chicken, lamb and beef that add extra dimensions to tasty dishes. What's more, the values of halal and tayyib play a central role in the creation, development and production of our lines – and our fresh range is no exception.


Combining culinary convenience with absolute authenticity, Haloodies frozen beef burgers are made from delicious, fully traceable, grass-fed Irish beef. Our unrelenting commitment to halal principles means you can offer your customers a range of frozen beef burgers from a halal brand they can trust.

Schools & Universities

In bringing together students from a wide variety of backgrounds, the education sector plays an important role in shaping young minds in an inspiring and inclusive environment. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the food options offered by schools and universities are expected to cater equally to the needs of the diverse range of students in attendance.

Offering a vast selection of delicious and authentic halal products, Haloodies helps schools and universities rise to the challenge. No matter what kind of halal meat you're after, our numerous product ranges are sure to provide what you're looking for.

Haloodies understands that halal is more than just a logo on a pack. Our focus on offering halal meat of the highest quality has enabled us to make a positive impact on the community, helping us become a trusted halal meat supplier along the way. It is this same commitment that makes us an ideal partner for educational institutions of all kinds. By delivering wholesale halal meat, we help them expand their halal offering with maximum convenience.


Haloodies products help restaurants achieve greater inclusivity while working with the very best ingredients. As demand for halal food continues to grow, restaurants of all shapes and sizes have come to realise the potential of incorporating halal food into their menus.

Each of the Haloodies product ranges brings along its own benefits for restaurants. While our fresh range offers restaurants flexibility in delivering high quality halal dishes, our cooked and frozen ranges offer ease and convenience. Whichever product you choose, you can rest assured that developing a flavoursome halal offering has never been easier.

The Haloodies team is on a mission to make authentic and flavourful halal food accessible to everyone. Our commitment to delivering halal food of the highest quality means we're the UK's most trusted halal brand. As one of the leading wholesale halal meat suppliers for restaurants, Haloodies helps those working in the restaurant business to cater more easily to the needs of a diverse range of restaurant guests.


The catering business can be a hectic environment to succeed in and caterers are constantly faced with the challenge of delivering exceptional food on a strict timescale. With this in mind, Haloodies offers a diverse range of halal products ideally suited to caterers looking to maximise the quality, convenience and inclusivity of their offering.

Whether you're looking to offer professional food services for corporate events, conferences, social events or anything else, Haloodies products are sure to appeal to a variety of tastes and lifestyles – no matter the occasion.

As one of the UK's foremost halal food suppliers, Haloodies has developed a delicious range of halal foods for caterers and foodies alike. In doing so, we're on a mission to deliver authentic halal products that help caterers deliver on both quality and convenience. From the appetising halal lamb in our fresh range to the tasty chicken and beef in our cooked and frozen ranges, we're here to make sure our business partners are spoilt for choice.

Wholesale and Distribution

Having built strong relationships with wholesalers across the country, Haloodies provides a wide range of halal products for wholesale halal meat suppliers UK-wide. Helping wholesalers meet growing demand for authentic, accessible and high-quality halal food, Haloodies offers reliable access to the commercial potential of halal meat.

Inclusivity has become a central factor in the food choices of many modern consumers and wholesalers are ideally placed to capitalise on this trend. Haloodies helps them to do exactly that.

The principles of halal and tayyib are at the very centre of Haloodies products – a fact that is reflected in the quality and authenticity of our product offering. Our unrelenting commitment to these values has seen us become a top provider of halal food in the UK market, making authentic and flavoursome halal food accessible to everyone. Offering a wide range of halal products across each of our ranges, Haloodies offers something for everyone.