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Sorry. Haloodies is now CLOSED...
Sorry. Haloodies is now CLOSED...

Upcoming Products

Exciting developments here at Haloodies HQ!

Please see below for some examples of new meat cuts and products currently in development which we will bring to the market in the near future.
For more information, please contact us via our contact page.


New Tasty Lamb Cuts!

Lamb Rump Steak 500g



Lamb Best End Chops 350g



Lamb Breast Riblets 350g



Lamb Joint on Bone 600g



Lamb Leg Boneless 600g



Lamb Leg Steak Boneless 420g



Lamb Loin Chops 500g



Lamb Neck Fillets 400g



Lamb Noisettes 400g



Lamb Rump Steak 350g



Lamb Shank 454g



Lamb Shoulder on Bone 600g


New Wholesale Products!


Chicken Meatballs 200x25g
Beef Sausage 80x56g
Chicken Burger Quarter Pounder 48x4oz
Chicken Hotdog Sausage 40x120g
Chicken Sausage 80x56g
Classic Beefburger Quarter Pounder 48x4oz
Lamb Burger Quarter Pounder 48x4oz
Lamb Kofta - Skewered - 100x50g
Lamb Meatballs 200x25
Above wholesale products now available Fresh or Frozen.
Single Packs or 10 cases per layer or 140 cases per pallet.
Email, call or use our contact form for pricing information.


As with all our products we can supply in a wide variety of pack formats from retail packaging to wholesale and catering packs.

We can supply all items fresh cut or frozen from our state of the art IQF facility.

For further information and to register your interest, please use our contact form to let us know. If you are a wholesale or catering buyer, remember that we are happy to visit with samples and do a cook up, so you can taste the Haloodies difference for yourself.

... and of course all our meats are produced to the highest ethical standards and are Halal certified, giving you the chance to expand your range to give your customers more choice and attract a new customer base of people who follow Halal traditions and principles.

Choose the best, choose Haloodies, for the best in the business...!