Core Principles of Halal and Tayyib

  • The halal concept relates to conduct that is considered permissible according to Islamic scripture

  • The values of halal can be applied to virtually every aspect of life but are most often linked to food

  • The opposite of halal – haram – sets out actions that are considered unlawful or impermissible

  • The concept of tayyib is closely linked to that of halal

  • Tayyib is concerned with wholesomeness and key to this is animal welfare, food provenance and meat quality.

  • Islamic scripture places great importance on both halal and tayyib

Key Features of Haloodies' Halal Process

Upholding the principles of both halal and tayyib involves several practical implications for halal food producers. For Haloodies, our process is characterised by the following key features:

  • We apply a stringent supplier selection process that holds suppliers to the highest halal standards

  • All of our products boast a halal certification

  • Added ingredients, such as marinades and coatings, are each halal-certified separately

  • The values of halal and tayyib are upheld throughout the entire production process

  • The high quality meats we use are not treated with antibiotics or hormones

  • We take steps to ensure maximum animal welfare

Our Process


Haloodies' focus on halal and tayyib begins at the source. For this reason, our fresh meat comes from suppliers across the UK, Ireland and the EU, each of which adheres to strict EU standards on animal welfare. Our cooked range sees us partner with Thailand-based CP Foods, who raise poultry on their very own farms.


The slaughtermen and butchers we work with are practising Muslims who incorporate Islamic principles during the slaughter process. For you, our consumer, this means that you can rest assured that Haloodies products are trusted halal products without exception.


Our fresh meat products are processed in a dedicated halal facility that has BRC AA grade. Our products have been awarded a halal accreditation by Halal Consultations.


Once the production process comes to a close, Haloodies products find their way into the offering of a wide array of retailers and food service providers. From there, customers can enjoy easy access to our range of award-winning halal meats.

What it Means for our Fresh Range

The ingredients used to create the Haloodies fresh range are sourced from suppliers across the UK, Ireland and the EU. Meat products are then packed and processed in a dedicated halal facility which is BRC AA grade.

Our beef and lamb meat is sourced from British and Irish farms that are compliant with EU regulations on animal welfare. This means that the farmers we work with let their animals graze on grass pasture instead of raising them in barns. Animals are processed in halal-approved slaughterhouses, reversibly stunned and slaughtered by hand.

Haloodies' Grade A fresh chicken meat is sourced from selected farms in the UK and EU. These chickens are raised in barns in line with EU animal welfare standards and are not fed GMOs or antibiotic growth promoters. At the processing stage, chickens are reversibly stunned and slaughtered by hand by Muslim slaughtermen.

What it Means for our Cooked Range

The Haloodies' cooked range is also characterised by its emphasis on the values of halal and tayyib. Our cooked chicken range sees us work with CP Foods – one of the world's largest poultry producers. Headquartered in Thailand, CP Foods manufactures its own chicken feed, raises poultry on its own farms and processes meat in its own facilities.

CP Foods conforms to the strictest halal standards and is fully halal-certified. As a result, chickens are fed on a vegetarian diet, are free from GMOs and growth-promoting hormones and are raised in climate-controlled barns with natural light and more space to roam. Chickens are reversibly stunned to maximise animal welfare and are subsequently hand-slaughtered.