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Sorry. Haloodies is now CLOSED...

Our values

Our Haloodies Mission

Our mission is to bring you butcher fresh high-quality halal meat straight to your door. As one of UKs most trusted halal suppliers we pride ourselves on our rigorously checked processes. Just like our customers, we care about animal welfare and we ensure all our products are prepared with the utmost respect for halal and tayyib principles.

We are on a mission to make your lives easier and healthier; (we are a one stop shop for all your halal meats). Continually developing our range, providing innovative flavours and products to inspire your cooking. We can guarantee piece of mind with our traceable and accredited products, all at the click of a button delivered to your door.


Our Values

Our Values are our beliefs, philosophies, and principles that drive us at Haloodies. We ensure all our suppliers, factory and head office team members deliver these, and they are at the core of everything we do.

At Haloodies we relate to the beauty of halal and tayyib principles to the very human love of food and the sense of family, sharing and togetherness it brings. The most important value we uphold.

We’re passionate about our innovative products and the way they appeal to the hearts and minds of consumers.

We are a family orientated brand that is great for everyone and we continually help to build communities.

Empathising with the consumer by ensuring traceability throughout the supply chain...and of course love is impossible without trust.

Convenient food of high quality and provenance. Keeping a standard of excellence in halal food