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Sorry. Haloodies is now CLOSED...

Haloodies Wholesale and Distribution

Wholesale and Distribution

Having built strong relationships with wholesalers across the country, Haloodies provides a wide range of halal products for wholesale halal meat suppliers UK-wide. Helping wholesalers meet growing demand for authentic, accessible and high-quality halal food, Haloodies offers reliable access to the commercial potential of halal meat.

Inclusivity has become a central factor in the food choices of many modern consumers and wholesalers are ideally placed to capitalise on this trend. Haloodies helps them to do exactly that.


Why choose Haloodies?
The principles of halal and tayyib are at the very centre of Haloodies products – a fact that is reflected in the quality and authenticity of our product offering. Our unrelenting commitment to these values has seen us become a top provider of halal food in the UK market, making authentic and flavoursome halal food accessible to everyone. Offering a wide range of halal products across each of our ranges, Haloodies offers something for everyone.