The Shopping List

  • Haloodies Sliced Tikka Chicken Breast

  • Tortilla wraps

  • Sliced onion

  • Tomato salsa (with sweetcorn)

  • Halal cheese (grated)

  • Fajita spice (cumin, paprika, salt pepper, garlic, chili powder)



Lay the tortilla flat and evenly spread your Haloodies Sliced Tikka Chicken Breast. Coat with two to three dollops of tangy tomato salsa for some punch! Next, throw in some crunchy sliced onion and add a sprinkling of your favourite cheese.

Spice things up a little by seasoning with a pinch of fajita spice before folding over your freshly filled tortilla. Finally, cook on the panini press until browned and serve alongside a tomato salsa dip. Add a final dusting of fajita spice to finish. Now that’s impressive!